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Explosion-Proof MA Flowmeter

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Product Details

The LZD127 mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe flowmeter is a meter that measures the liquid flow in a circular tube based on the principle of "Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction". The instrument is a high-tech product developed by the company for underground mines and other places containing explosive mixtures such as methane and coal dust. The whole design meets the requirements of GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.2-2000, GB3836.4-2000 electrical equipment for explosive gas environment, and has obtained the safety mark certificate for coal mining products issued by the Safety Standards Center of Mine Products of Anhui Province. Explosion-proof type: mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe type, explosion-proof mark Exd[ib]I. It is the only electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturer that has obtained this certificate. Reasonable use of lining materials and electrode materials can achieve good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
Performance parameter
1. Accuracy: 0.5
2. Measuring liquid: various acids, alkalis, salt solutions and mud, pulp, pulp, industrial sewage, clean water, tap water, etc. with the lowest conductivity of the liquid to be tested ≥5μs/cm.
3. Pipe diameter range: DN25mm, DN50mm, DN80mm, DN100mm, DN150mm, DN200mm, DN250mm, DN300mm
4. Flow rate range: &plu筛分机n;0.3m/s~&plu筛分机n;10.0m/s
5. Pipe pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa, 6.3MPa, 10MPa (high pressure can be customized)
6. Protection level: IP54
7. Sensor type: flange connection type
8. Sensor operating temperature: -25 ~ 70 ° C (normal temperature type); 0 ~ 150 ° C (high temperature type)
9. Signal output: current output: 0~20mA, 0~24mA, 4~20mA (user can set it by yourself)
10. Frequency output: pulse equivalent mode (pulse equivalent value can be set by the user)
11. Frequency mode (zero flow and full scale frequency can be set by users)
12. Cumulative pulse mode (the number of cumulative flow pulses per unit can be set by itself);
13. Digital communication: RS485 interface, Modbus protocol or custom protocol, the communication speed is adjustable, and the tran筛分机ission distance is ≤1200m.
14. Working power supply: AC 127V &plu筛分机n; 10%; DC 24V &plu筛分机n; 5%
15. Explosion-proof type: mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe
16. Explosion-proof mark: Exd[ib]I