1.  China's Steam Coal Prices Is Expected To About RMB 650 /ton In July
  2. China's Coal Consumption Was About 1.25 Billion Tons In The First Four Months In 2019 .
  3. The Report Predicts:By the end of 2020, China's Coal Production To Reach  3.7 Billion Tons.
  4. Coal Transportation Capacity Of China Tang-Hu Railway Increased Three Times As Much As Before
  5. The Ministry Of Coal of India Has Set A Production Target Of 655 Million Tons For The Current Fiscal Year (April 2019-March 2020) For Coal India Ltd(CIL)
  6. China Energy Announced Its 2018 Annual Results
  7. 224 Accidents Occurred In China's Coal Mines In 2018
  8. In 2040 China's Coal Consumption In Energy Consumption Will Fall To 35%
  9. China's Guizhou Provincial: The Coal Industry Profits Increased Significantly In 2018
  10.  In 2019 China's Coal Production Is Expected To Increase By 5%