Indonesia Takalar Coal-Fired Power Station Project Completed Ahead of Schedule 28 Aug 2018

On August 8, 2018, the Indonesian Takalar Coal-fired Power Plant project, which was contracted by the Chinese company EPC, received the No. 1 Unit Taking Over Certificate (TOC) issued by the owner on July 19, 2018, and successfully obtained the No. 2 unit Taking Over Certificate. This marks the successful completion of the construction phase of the first overseas thermal power plant project, which was designed and built by China and adopts international standards and completed by Gezhouba Group.
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Since the project started construction, with the successful completion of several major milestones such as project power receiving, water production, boiler ignition, first grid connection, reliability operation, and unit performance test, the two units of the project were 9 days and 14 days ahead of schedule. Put into commercial operation. The Takalar coal-fired power station project has created an impressive speed and performance in the history of thermal power construction in Indonesia and has won high praise from the owners.
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During the entire construction period, the project received high attention and expectation from the Indonesian government. Indonesian President Joko personally hosted the start and completion ceremony of the project. This is the first thermal power project in the same period of construction projects initiated by the owners. It has established a good image of Gezhouba Group and Chinese-funded enterprises, and promoted the pragmatic cooperation between China and Indonesia to a higher level, a wider field and a deeper level of development and the “Belt and Road” construction have been injected new impetus.
The Takalar coal-fired power station is located in Jeneponto City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, with a total installed capacity of 2×100MW. It is one of the key projects of Indonesia's second phase of 10 million kilowatts of power development plan. The completion and commissioning of the power station in advance has effectively alleviated the shortage of power supply in South Sulawesi.