Vietnam Shenglong Coal-Fired Power Station Project Passed 168 Trial Operation 15 Aug 2018

On July 29th, the No. 2 unit of the Vietnam Shenglong 2×300,000 KW coal-fired power station project designed by the Chinese company successfully passed the 168-hour trial run. The whole unit runs smoothly. During the “168” test run, the thermal control input rate is 100%; the thermal control automatic device input rate is 100%; the electrical protection input rate is 100%; and the electrical automatic input rate is 100%.
Vietnam Coal-Fired Project .jpg
The Vietnam Shenglong Project is located in Hengpu District, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, and has two new 300,000 kW CFB units. Unit 1 has successfully passed the 360-hour trial run on May 31 this year. So far, all the two units of the project have been put into operation, and all the indicators meet the design requirements. The completion and operation of the project further satisfies the electricity demand for economic and social development in Guangning Province, Vietnam, and improves the power supply support capability.