Large Height Intelligent Fully Mechanized Coal Mining Technology (China) Passed Industry Appraisal 28 Jun 2018

On June 6, 2018, the China Academy of Engineering and China Coal Industry Association carried out appraisal on the scientific and technological achievements of “research and application of key technologies for intelligent fully mechanized coal mining in large mining height” of Shaanxi Coal Group Huang Ling Mining Company. The expert group unanimously agreed that the project meets the requirements of the appraisal and the achievements have reached the international advanced level which indicates that the company has achieved full coverage from thin coal seams, medium thick coal seams to thick coal seams in intelligent mining.
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Since 2014, Huangling Mining Company has actively pursued the implementation of intelligent unmanned mining technology in line with the development of the times. Prior to this, it had realized the normalization of remotely controlled coal mining operations on the ground of intelligent unmanned mining of thin coal seams and medium thick coal seams. It created a precedent for domestic intelligent mining of complete sets of equipment. The only coal mine intelligent mining technology innovation center was established in China, and intelligent unmanned mining technology ranked first in 2016.
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In order to fully realize enterprise safety and efficient development and make the most of technological resources and role model effect of coal mine intelligent mining technology innovation center and Huangling Mining Company, the company continued to carry out research on large mining heights and intelligent mining technologies, and further broadened the scope of application and promotion of intelligent mining to form a complete and intelligent mining practice application demonstration system for thin, medium thick and thick coal seams, and continue to lead the development of the coal industry.
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In May 2017, the “research and application of key technologies for intelligent fully mechanized coal mining in large mining height” was formally implemented at the intelligent fully mechanized mining face of the Huangling Coal Mine. At present, the ground has been implemented functions like one-step start, coal mining machine memorial coal cutting, and automatically follows the frame to push and slide. This project has innovatively developed the intelligent fully mechanized coal mining in large mining height shearer high precision monitoring and large data self-learning control technology, anti-fin intelligent precision control technology, "sensing + video + virtual reality" advanced support intelligent control system, shearer sensor protection device, hydraulic support high reliable pressure, stroke, altitude, inclination sensor elements and CAN bus communication isolation technology, which have established an environmental safety assurance technology system for the coal mining synergy, high mining height, and intelligent comprehensive mining face.
At present, the intelligent work surface has been running for a total of 9 months, and the system has been operating stably and reliably. The production of coal is 4.321 million tons, and the maximum monthly production is 505 thousand tons. This has achieved reduction of personnel efficiency and has achieved significant economic and social benefits.
Huangling Mining Company's “research and application of key technologies for intelligent fully mechanized coal mining in large mining height” adheres to the “Made in China” concept and extends the concept of “complete localization of fully-mechanized coal mining equipment”, united with China’s coal machinery companies and other well-known coal machinery equipment service providers, give play to the advantages of integration and It is of great significance to realize the sustainable development of Huanghua Mining Area.