China's Coal Washing Companies Get into The Era of “QR Code Scanning” 25 Jun 2018

With the rapid development of emerging information technologies such as big data, internet of things, and mobile internet, coal washing companies are also actively exploring the application of big data in coal washing field. They use the new trend of mobile phones to scan QR codes and introduce “Cloud Sticker” to investigate hidden dangers. Instead of hidden danger shooting notebooks, each inspection site has only one small QR code, what they need to do is scanning the QR code, problems can be uploaded in a timely manner and viewed at any time, and the hidden information is fully covered and transparently disclosed.
The use of Cloud Sticker makes information flow more flexible and prevents the blocking, delay, and distortion of information transmission. What's more important is that they can deploy production tasks in a timely and accurate manner, promote the advancement of intelligent washing and selection and create a new and efficient coal washing plant to provide a new "platform".