CCTEG Shenyang (China) Has Received Government Award from China and Uzbekistan 25 Jun 2018

Recently, the Chinese Embassy in Uzbekistan and relevant Uzbek government departments awarded the China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Shenyang Institute (CCTEG Shenyang) for the Sino- Uzbekistan Friendship Outstanding Contribution Award for the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Uzbekistan. 

In recent years, CCTEG Shenyang has been cultivating the Uzbekistan coal engineering market, and the Angrilian open-pit coal mine equipment supply project has been the first large-scale project of the Group's international business. The successful implementation of this project has laid a good beginning for CCTEG Shenyang to develop Uzbekistan market. Since then, CCTEG Shenyang has collaborated with the Uzbekistan Coal Design Institute to compile wellfield development plans, feasibility study reports, and project approval reports for Uzbekistan's national coal mine projects. In addition to the cooperation on the project, taking the opportunity of the "Silk Road" Chinese government scholarship policy formulated by the Ministry of Education of China, with the help of the good relations with Liaoning Technical University, the cooperation has been completed and completed by the "excellent mining engineer" in Uzbekistan. "The training program will train 20 graduates of science and technology innovation and technology application for the country's mining industry for free, and these talents will surely become the new force for the development of Uzbekistan's coal industry.
CCTEG Shenyang's ability to obtain the above-mentioned awards is the result of years of unremitting efforts of the project team of Anglian under the correct leadership of the group and the active cooperation of various departments. It is also the practice of “cooperation and win-win” in the process of “going global”. CCTEG Shenyang will use this award as an opportunity to further strengthen and make it bigger, take the existing market as the foundation for development, and further explore a broader market space, and make a positive contribution to the implementation of the national strategy of the “Belt and Road”.