7-Meter Super High Fully Mechanized Mining Technology and Equipment Successfully Passed Argumentation in China 25 Jun 2018

On June 13, 2018, Yankuang Group's technical program for the "7-meter super-high fully mechanized mining technology and equipment development" project passed the arguments of academicians and experts organized by the China Coal Industry Association. According to the argumentation, it is feasible to implement the overall technical plan for the 7-meter super-high fully mechanized mining in Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, and to maximize the rate of resource recovery and achieve safe and efficient production of mine.
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With the help and support of the China Coal Industry Association, Yankuang's 8.2-meter ultra-high mining hydraulic support has become the world's largest fully-mechanized coal mining equipment and its application of Yankuang Jinjitan Coal Mine has achieved remarkable results with safe and efficient green mining which has a milestone significance in the history of coal mining.
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Yankuang has always been committed to the application of made-in-China coal machinery equipment and actively cooperates with scientific research institutes to promote the improvement of China’s domestic equipment. Yankuang focuses on the manufacturing and process improvement of coal machinery equipment such as hydraulic supports and roadheaders. And to achieve automation and informationization of equipment.
Yankuang's "7-meter super-high fully mechanized mining technology and equipment development" project has advanced technology and reasonable support. In the field of fully mechanized mining technology, Yankuang Group won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1998; in 2009, Yankuang Group independently completed the fully mechanized mining technology with the two-column shielded hydraulic support and automatic coal discharge which received National Science and Technology Progress Award again. It is expected that the implementation of this project will enable Yankuang Group to advance the core technology level of fully mechanized technology to a higher level and lead the development direction of thick coal seam mining technology in China and the world.