CCTEG Tangshan Jig Machine Exported to Iran 13 Jun 2018

In May 2018, the SKT-22 Jig independently developed by CCTEG Tangshan was shipped to Tabas Port in Iran. Followed by products such as flotation machines, dry separators and crushers., this jig successfully entered the international market again.

The export of the jig to Iran is an important symbol of the extension of the industrial dimension of the CCTEG Tangshan to the internationalization. It proves that the product quality and technical level of the SKT series jig machines have entered the international advanced ranks, and fully demonstrate that this product based on its advanced technology and excellent quality is gradually being known and recognized by the international market.
SKT jig is a well-known coal preparation equipment in China. It has been identified as a key promotion product by the country and has won 4 provincial and ministerial awards and 6 national patents. The model is now widely used in the national coal preparation plant. Practice has proved that: The application of SKT jigs can improve the processing capacity by 20% compared with other jigs, improve the sorting efficiency by 3 to 5%, and increase the annual revenue by more than 3 million RMB.
For various types of users with different selectability, different granularity, and different product requirements, SKT jigs are currently designed with three compartments, two compartments, and single compartment. The jig can be used for sorting lump coal, end coal, and ungraded raw coal. At the same time, special jigs for removing refuse and municipal waste disposal have been developed to meet different demands like various coal quality, coal preparation plants of different sizes, and non-coal fields. 
In order to relieve the user's worries, CCTEG Tangshan has also specialized in providing a full range of technical professionals to provide users with technical services. Advanced technology, high-quality products and perfect services are important guarantees for SKT jigs that have been prosperous for over 20 years.