Changchun Equipment Co., Ltd. Successfully Developed the Largest Fan Coal Mill in China 10 Jun 2018

Changchun Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for 16 sets of FMH385.1250 fan coal mills for the XilinGol Co., Ltd. 2×660,000 unit project. This type of coal mill is the largest fan coal mill designed and manufactured in China. 

The fan coal mill was independently calculated, designed and manufactured by Changchun Equipment Co., Ltd. and based on the NV fan coal mill of German BABCOCK Company. All parts of the fan coal mill use Pro/E software for a new 3D design. The design of the project lasted for one year and the design and research & development of the coal mill had been completed. Recently, a number of companies such as China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., North United Electric Power Co., Ltd., and Northeast Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. were invited to jointly work on the fan coal mill project for its selection calculations, institutional design, production processes and other aspects. After full discussion by the expert group, consensus was finally reached.
At present, the main components of the fan coal mill of the XilinGol Co., Ltd. 2×660,000 kW unit project have entered an intense production stage. The design of the FMH385.1250 fan coal mill has been well received by owners and related industry experts. This not only fully reflects the company’s R&D capabilities, but also once again filled the gap of China’s fan coal mill in high-moisture lignite applications and laid a solid foundation for the company in the thermal power market.