Shendong Coal Group Made Great Breakthroughs in Core Mining Technology via Independent R&D 19 Jun 2018

Shendong Coal Group is aiming at core technologies and key technologies to carry out independent research & development and scientific research. Coal mining equipment has achieved 100% domestic transformation, and coal mining, excavation and other related technologies have reached internationally advanced levels.

At the Shendong Coal Group Operation Center, workers wearing VR eyes can realistically simulate underground operations. The company also restore the underground equipment with the ratio of 1:1 to restore, so that staff can get a better understanding of the equipment during their training.
At the equipment repair center, the part that is undergoing production and processing is the drill box on the bolting machine. In the past, this core component needed to be imported and was expensive. The company was often forced to stop production due to the lack of one component. After the research and development, the problem has been solved.
Zhang Mengda, manager of equipment maintenance center of Shendong Coal Group, said: “In the past, the foreign countries sold us a bolting box with the price of 212,000 yuan, and for now, the cost with our own research and development was only 42,000 yuan.”
Li Kai, production manager of equipment repair center of the Shendong Coal Group, said: “The core technologies are mastered by ourselves and will not be controlled by others.”
After most of the core components have achieved independent research and development, Shendong Coal Group has set its sights on the entire machine equipment and the entire technology. Recently, the company has successfully developed the roadway excavation equipment independently after 5 years’ hard work, breaking the foreign monopoly at one stroke and becoming a benchmark for the coal industry worldwide. This kind of roadway excavation method that simulates subway construction can finish project at least one year ahead than traditional roadway excavation, and it can be put into production as early as possible, and it will take early and benefit early.
The Shendong Coal Group R&D consortium is a China domestic unit. Through this project, it has driven China’s related companies, expanded the application of core technologies, and broadened the market. At present, this project has applied for more than 40 patents.
In the past two years, Shendong Coal Group has invested a total money of 512 million RMB in R&D, carried out 221 scientific research projects, and obtained 208 granted patents, covering various aspects such as coal mining, excavation, support and signaling. 8.8 meters of coal mining support equipment, underground new energy vehicles, intelligent control systems and other self-developed sets of equipment and technology are filling the gaps globally.