High-Pressure Hose Quick Connection Device Granted China National Utility Model Patent 19 Jun 2018

“High-Pressure Hose Quick Connection Device” Granted China National Utility Model PatentRecently, the “high-pressure hose quick connection device” independently developed by China’s Shigetai coal mine has been granted a national utility model patent.
The 102 high-pressure hoses for underground water supply and drainage need to be frequently installed and disassembled in the process of use. At least two or three people are required to operate at the same time for personnel operations, and a sledgehammer strike is required to complete the disassembly and installation. This is both labor-intensive and material-consuming and has certain security risks. Therefore, the mine staff invented a high-pressure hose quick connection device which is arranged on the two ends of the quick connector by a crank coupling principle and is fastened on both ends of the quick connector, and the entire connecting or disassembling process can be completed by pushing the handle bar forward or backward through the crank connecting device.
The device is safe and reliable to use. It not only eliminates the situation of disassembling the hose but also effectively protects the safety of the personnel.