China Coal Industry Transforms to Intelligent Production: Breakthrough Is the Industrial Internet 31 May 2018

In the past two years, China's coal industry has experienced a recovery. In this process, the integration of coal informatization and industrialization has promoted the transformation of the coal industry from quantity and input to quality and efficiency, from labor-intensive to technology-based, and from production mechanization and automation to informatization and intelligent production.
Through the integration of coal informatization and industrialization, it is the industry consensus to promote the transformation and upgrading of the coal industry, promote safe and intelligent mining and utilize coal in a clean and low-carbon way, and gradually achieve the transition from traditional energy to clean energy. This is also gradually changing the traditional developing methods and business model. The integration of hi-tech companies of coal and Internet are gradually creating new business models and boosting the progress of the energy technology revolution.
The development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain and quantum communication is changing with each passing day, and national innovation-driven strategic implementation is in the ascendant, which provide a good technical support and policy environment for the in-depth development of coal industry informatization and industrialization. The integration of coal informatization and industrialization has entered the stage of manufacturing + Internet. The main direction is smart manufacturing, and the breakthrough is the industrial Internet.
In recent years, the integration of new technologies and new models such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, “Internet Plus”, and the coal industry’s production, construction, and operations has greatly improved the level of coal mine management, corporate governance, and risk prevention. The improvement of operating efficiency, economic efficiency, social productivity, scientific and technological level of decision-making, and recognition in the whole society have been significantly improved.
With the intelligent production and rapid development of coal industry, the industry has built nearly 50 intelligent mining workfaces with “inspected and unattended” and built a batch of intelligent coal chemical plants with full-process, digital, and informatization, as well as integrated management and control. Smart factories have begun to use robots to manufacture coal-machine products. At the same time, the Internet has changed the way how traditional coal is exchanged and circulated. At present, the scale of online coal trading has exceeded nearly 50% of the annual coal trading volume. In addition, the integration of coal companies and new technology companies has developed new businesses, big data and other technologies have begun to be applied to various scenarios in the coal industry.
In the future, China will further strengthen the research on the integration of coal informatization and industrialization, and summarize, improve, and explore more fields and paths which are suitable for the coal industry. In addition, China will also strengthen the collaborative innovation of the industry. For example, to build big data for the entire coal industry and it is necessary to work together to strengthen collaboration and break the “single islands” of data. Finally, China will strengthen cross-border integration, achieve deep integration in big data, artificial intelligence and other aspects, and jointly promote the process of smart production and intelligent operations.