A new type of water drilling rig granted as China National Utility Model Patent 23 May 2018

A new type of water drilling rig granted China National Utility Model PatentOn May 20, 2018, "a new type of water drilling rig" developed by the Shigetai Coal Mine was granted a utility model patent by the China National Intellectual Property Office.
The current water drilling rig used in coal mines is mainly divided into two types according to walking modes: one is a non-walking type, and the other is a full hydraulic crawler type. Under the current principle of “exploring first, digging is a must”, the water drilling rig moves frequently. However, the two types of water drilling rigs have low mobile efficiencies and there are major security risks in the process of moving.
The new water drilling rig developed by Shigetai Coal Mine has two solid tires driven by hydraulic motors on both sides of the rig. The hydraulic motor is powered by the hydraulic pump in the rig, which can drive solid tire rotation, and the water drilling rig can rely on solid tires to walk quickly to meet the requirements of short-distance rapid movement eventually. In the long-distance relocation, when hydraulic pump is turned off and the hydraulic motor is in a floating state, the solid tire can rotate freely, so that the water drilling rig can be towed through the transport vehicle without lifting or scraping. It is suitable for long-distance relocation with fast moving speed and low security risks, while improving the efficiency of the water drilling rig and reducing the investment cost of the equipment.