World's First Shield-Type Quick Dredging Equipment for Coal Mines (Made in China) 16 May 2018

Recently, the world's first shield-type quick dredging equipment for coal mines which is self-developed by China was successfully delivered. It was the first time for this equipment in the world to realize synchronous tunneling and anchoring operations and solved the world's problems that the same type of equipment could not be synchronized in tunneling and anchoring operations.
China is the largest country in the use of coal mining equipment and has a large market demand. Currently, all of the in-service dredgers are dependent on imports. In the construction work, the imported dredging equipment cannot achieve the synchronization of tunneling and anchoring, the supporting time accounts for more than 2/3 of the total dredging time, resulting in serious imbalance of coal mining and excavation; and imported dredging equipment are expensive, have long delivery time, the supply of spare parts is not timely and often affects the construction progress. In response to this, the Chinese R&D team conducted targeted scientific research and through breakthroughs in the technical innovation of the dredging equipment and the support process reforms, it broke through the problems existing in the fast laneing technology and process of the imported dredging equipment and achieve the synchronization of tunneling and anchoring. The speed of laneing is improved, and the unbalanced problems that have long plagued the coal mine are solved.
The shield-type quick dredging equipment developed by China is a multi-function integrating quick dredging equipment which have functions as quick dredging, shield protection, synchronous anchoring, advanced drilling and scavenging, intelligent guidance, material transportation, material storage, and closed dust removal. It also has safe and efficient dredging capabilities, good roadway forming, reliable anchorage quality, and powerful machine function, fully meet the requirements of coal mine machinery construction. Under the conditions of post-matching belt transportation, the daily lane footage can reach up to 160 meters, and the average monthly footage can reach up to 4,000 meters. It is suitable for quick tunneling and anchoring of long-wall coal lanes.
It is known that the equipment has created four "top of the world", that is, the first dredging equipment for coal lane which truly realizes the simultaneous construction work of tunneling and anchoring; the first dredging equipment for coal lane that is protected by shields; the first dredging equipment for coal lane with both advanced drilling and evacuation; the first dredging equipment for coal lane that combines functions as excavation, support, advanced drilling and evacuation. At present, the equipment has been granted 20 patents, of which 5 are invention patents, with complete independent intellectual property rights.
In addition, the equipment has provided an integrated solution for unmanned and mechanized construction and a full set of intelligent high-end equipment through the establishment of an information management system and a digital operating system, which has effectively promoted the transformation in China's coal mining industry to become more intelligent, digital and green.