World's First 8.8-Meter Super-High-Cutting Fully-Mechanized Mining Intelligent Equipment 14 May 2018

On March 2nd, 2018, 100 sets of giant support trucks of Shendong Coal Group slowly entered the mine shaft, marking the world's first 8.8-meter super-high-cutting fully-mechanized mining intelligent equipment to be installed in the well.
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This set of equipment will be used for the exploration of twelve 8.8-meter super-high-cutting working face in the Shangwan Coal Mine. While increasing the recovery rate of coal, it can create super safe and efficient mines of 16 million tons with the highest output of single wells in the world, the highest efficiency and the best benefits. This intelligent full-mechanized coal mining equipment has filled the technological gap of the one-time mining of the fully-mechanized coal mining face of extremely thick coal seams in worldwide and is a historic change in mining equipment and mining technology.
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The 8.8-meter super-high-cutting fully-mechanized mining intelligent equipment is the result of constant optimization, improvement, and innovation based on existing equipment and technology experience of Shendong and China’s well-known manufacturers. The technical level of coal mining machines, three-machines, hydraulic supports, and pumping stations of the equipment is at the leading position in the industry, and the transportation vehicles and auxiliary transportations of supporting equipment have created many China’s and world’s first examples.
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8.8 meters hydraulic support is 2.4 meters wide, with a total weight of 100 tons, mining height up to 8.8 meters. Its support height, working resistance, support center distance is currently the world's best. In order to meet the requirements of the equipment into the well transport and moving face down, Shendong tailored the China’s first load rated 100 tons WC100Y bracket van and 100 tons of battery scraper. In order to meet the needs of installation and evacuation of the working face, the No. 2 auxiliary transport platform in the Shangwan Coal Mine and the dedicated transport lane for the supporting excavation support are the rare-large cross-section rock or coal roadways in China.
It is known that this set of equipment will be installed at the first 8.8-meter intelligent super-high-cutting working face of the Shangwan Coal Mine, the 12401 fully mechanized working face. After production, it is expected to recover 180 million tons of coal, create huge economic and social value, and further promote the development of ultra-large mining equipment in worldwide, to safely and efficiently excavate and recover special thick coal seams in mines under similar conditions, and provide technical basis and reference experience.