World's First 8.8m Large Mining Height Scraper Conveyer (Made in China) Successfully Launched 11 May 2018

The world’s first “8.8m large mining height scraper conveyer” made in China was successfully launched, and this equipment has filled the international gap. This set of equipment is well-made and innovative in design, reaching the international advanced level, especially in terms of machine length and coal flow whch is the first one in this industry.
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The complete sets of Intelligent scraper conveyor are a star product independently developed by Tianming Machinery Group. It has obtained 37 patents. Since its first application in the Shendong Group in 2017, it has successfully replaced imported equipment from Europe and the United States. Tianming Machinery Group has actively increased its technological research efforts and has extensively used domestic and international high-end cooperation platforms and in less than one year, it has completed the research and development of the world's first complete set of intelligent 8.8 meters super large mining height workface heavy scraper conveyer with a total installed power of 6,400 KW which has been successfully tested. The scraper conveyor has lots of features such as high intelligence, high power, high output, high strength, high stability, low energy consumption, low maintenance, etc. The maximum amount of coal can reach 6,000 tons/hour. It is the mainstream heavy equipment used by long workface of large coal mines and 10 million tons of mines which can accomplish high productive, efficient, intelligent, safe, and green mining.
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The technology of this scraper conveyor can fill the blank in the worldwide industry and can fully meet the requirements of large-scale coal mines for thick coal seams, high mining height, high-production, high-efficiency, intensive and intelligent mechanized mining production. Its successful development not only demonstrates the core competitiveness of China's high-end coal machinery manufacturing industry, but also illustrates the fact that China's coal mining machinery companies have the strength to use technology to lead the worldwide competition.
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