World's First 8.8 meters of Hydraulic Support (Made in China) 10 May 2018

Recently, the 8.8m electro-hydraulic controlled two-column cover-type hydraulic support developed and manufactured by Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd. was successfully tuned. With the large-scale mining of 8.8 meters of hydraulic support, it has created the world's best.
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On March 2nd, the 128 pieces of 8.8 m hydraulic supports delivered this time will be placed in the fourth area of the Shangdongwan Coal Mine in Shendong. After the official use, the working efficiency of the Shendong Coal Shangwan Coal Mine will increase by more than 85%, the cost will be reduced by 30%, and the resource recovery rate will increase 30%. The Shangwan Coal Mine will also become the world’s safest and efficient mine with the highest mining height, the highest ergonomics, and a single well with an annual output of over 16 million tons.
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During the R&D and manufacturing of the 8.8-meter hydraulic support, a number of difficulties were overcome such as the selection of design options, new raw material R&D, process innovation, manufacturing equipment, assembly and commissioning, inspection standards, and inspection methods. The rationality of the design of the project, raw material development, process innovation, manufacturing standards and overall performance exceed international standards, creating a new world height for coal mine support equipment. Many parameters have created world records and represent the world's advanced level. It has achieved major breakthrough innovations in many aspects and created a new technological peak in the coal machinery industry.
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With the successful development and delivery of the 8.8-meter hydraulic support, China will once again lead the bold practice and pioneering work of the world's fully mechanized mining equipment technology trends, which will further promote the progress of China's coal equipment level and consolidate China's world leading position in super-heavy mining of hydraulic supports.