World's First 8.8m Height and Extra-Thick Coal Seam Shearer Successfully Developed in China 01 May 2018

On April 4, 2018, the world's first 8.8m height and extra-thick coal seam shearer, MG1100/2925-WD AC electric haulage shearer, which is developed by China Coal Science and Industry Corporation Shanghai Co., Ltd. Successfully, went offline and passed factory acceptance. The shearer has a height of 4200mm and a body length of 9717mm, the weight of the whole machine is about 220t, the coal mining capacity is as high as 8.8m, and the annual coal production capacity exceeds 16 million tons.
MG1100/2925-WD shearer is a prototype developed by China Coal Science and Industry Corporation Shanghai Co., Ltd. for Shendong Coal Group’s “8.8m Intelligent Super Large Complete sets of Fully-mechanized Mining Equipment R&D and Demonstration Project”. The R&D team has made major breakthroughs after nearly a year of research on the key issues. The shearer has three major technological innovations:
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First, it is the world's first 8.8m height and extra-thick coal seam shearer. With a theoretical reach of 8.8m, it is the largest in the world and it has created a world record for the height of shearers. Through theoretical research, the project established a three-dimensional model of the whole machine and carried out a dynamic analysis of the complete machine and key components to ensure the reliability of the whole machine's large parts connection after the whole machine's working stability and mining height were increased.
Second, the 1100KW lightweight, large-length, high-reliability cutting section was developed. The computer-aided analysis and visualization of the casting process were used to simulate the casting process of the key shell, which optimized the shell structure, improved the casting processability and casting quality, and provided guarantee for the overall strength of the shell. Through the finite element analysis, the structure of the drum was optimized, and the drum material and welding process were improved. While ensuring the strength and wear resistance of the φ4300mm drum, the weight of the φ4300mm drum was controlled within 16.3 tons for the first time, and the rocker shell was reduced and adjusted. The high cylinder load improves its reliability.
Thirdly, high-speed high-reliability heavy-duty coal mining machine walking system, which is matched with an 8.8m One-time picking, high matching has been developed. The first use of 3D printing technology in China, supplemented by physical simulation test, precision milling and other methods, optimized the sprocket tooth shape and structure, improved the processing accuracy, carrying capacity and reliability of the walking wheel, provided guarantee for the whole production capacity.
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The MG1100/2925-WD shearer has achieved independent innovation of key technologies and integrated innovation of advanced technologies. The successful development of this equipment will further increase the full range of primary mining for shearers, will greatly increase the recovery rate and production efficiency of extra-thick coal seams, and will support the safe, efficient, green and intelligent unmanned mining of coal resources in China, Lead the development direction of large mining high power shearer technology. At present, the equipment has been transported to the production of coal mines. After assembly and commissioning, the equipment will be formally put into operation at the Shenwan Coal Group's Shangwan Coal Mine.