Key Technology on 10 MMTPA Intelligent Fully Mechanized Coal Machinery for 3~4m Coal Seam certified in China 01 May 2018

On March 20th, 2017, the “Key Technology Research on 10 MMTPA Intelligent Fully Mechanized Coal Mining Equipment for 3 to 4 Meters Coal Seam” project completed by Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong YanCoal Group passed the certification testing by China Coal Industry Association. 
Through independent innovation, the project has developed high-power, high-reliability, intelligent and efficient work face complete sets of equipment, and introduced LASC key technologies, breaking through key performance bottlenecks such as equipment performance and intelligent control. After more than one year’s downhole tests and application, achieved the overall efficient operation of fully-mechanized mining equipment, automatic collaborative advancement, automation of the entire operation cycle and meet the target of annual 10 Million metric tonnes per production capacity.
In the domestic fully mechanized coal mining face, LASC technology was used for the first time to develop equipment trajectory detection technology and to achieve automatic alignment of the hydraulic support and scraper conveyor; The industrial test was carried out on the 23303 working face in the coal seam of 3~4m in Longwan Coal Mine of YanCoal Ordos Nenghua Co., Ltd. The system was reliable in operation and had the ability to produce 10 million tons per year. The results have reached the international advanced level and it is recommended to promote the application in a similar coal seam.
Tiandi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated itself as the leading enterprise in the "12th Five-Year Plan" national 863 major project "Coal Intelligent Mining Technology and Equipment", is in line with the development trend of science and technology, production safety and competition needs, and is deeply involved in and promotes the national intelligent mining process. It integrates complete sets of equipment and intelligent control technologies and is committed to solving major key technologies and equipment in the fully mechanized mining face. The problem has greatly increased the level of intelligence in the full-mechanized mining equipment, led to the overall technological advancement in the automation and intelligence of coal machinery equipment in China, provided guarantee for the construction of large-scale modern mines, and effectively promoted the technical upgrading of the Chinese coal industry.