Cooperation Fields Between China and Worldwide Coal Machinery Companies Increasingly Expanded 27 Apr 2018

In the past 2017, the cooperation fields between China and worldwide Coal machinery companies have been increasingly expanded and achieved a series of results.
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On June 7, 2017, China successfully held the China-US coal Technology & worker Training Project. Through training, the miners' capabilities in safety and health management were improved. The ability to use advanced technology and equipment in coal mines in both China and the United States was improved and accidents were reduced. It is hoped that China and the United States will continue to expand cooperation in the fields of advanced technology and equipment for coal dust control, regulations and standards, and provide miners with better safety and health protection.
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On October 25-28, 2017, the 17th China Coal & Mining Expo was held in Beijing. The China Coal & Mining Expo is one of the largest international mining equipment exhibitions in the world. It has been known by many international manufacturers as the “American International Mining Expo”, “Australia International Mine Equipment Exhibition” and “The German Mining Times International Mining Exhibition” and “the South Africa Mining and Power International Exhibition” and has huge influence. 
The China Coal & Mining Expo provides a platform for self-promotion and display of new equipment and new technologies for coal mining equipment manufacturers from all over the world. It is also an important venue for companies to meet with old and new friends, communicate about new technologies, and negotiate economic and trade cooperation. 
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Many China’s enterprises have not only opened up new domestic and abroad markets by participating in the “China Coal & Mining Expo”, but also established economic and trade cooperation with international advanced technology companies. China Coal & Mining Expo has been considered by many coal industry professionals as the exhibition that must participate. The exhibition also showed the achievements of technological innovations and product innovations in the fields of coal mining and coal machinery manufacturing in recent years.
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On October 26, 2017, the 6th China Coal Enterprise Outbound International Conference was successfully held. The conference has high level spokesperson, rich content, and a large amount of information. It is close to the national “Belt and Road Initiative” grand strategy development. At the same time, it also actively promotes the coal trade and investment cooperation between China and the world's coal-producing countries, sets up a platform for international exchanges and cooperation for coal companies to “go global”, encourages competitive coal companies to undertake more overseas projects, and enhances China’s coal companies participate in the competitiveness of international economic cooperation, accelerate the upgrading of their product mix, and form a new growth point and growth momentum for coal enterprises.