Coal Transportation Capacity Of China Tang-Hu Railway Increased Three Times As Much As Before 22 May 2019

Tanghu Railway's capacity expansion and transformation was completed on the 21st May, and coal transportation capacity increased three times as much as before. Tang-Hu Railway starts from Tangshan in Hebei Province in the East and ends in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia in the west. It is an important coal transportation channel in China and is a double-track electrified heavy haul railway. In recent years, with the revival of coal prices and the rising market demand, coal delivered by Tanghu Railway in 2018 alone reached 50 million tons, reaching the limit of its transport capacity. In February this year, a large-scale capacity expansion transformation of railway lines began, focusing on the transformation of transport bottlenecks in Jining-Zhangjiakou section, in which 320 kilometers of power supply catenary facilities were replaced by heavy-load lines. Li Peng, Chief of Power Supply Technology Section of Hohhot Power Supply Section of China Railway Hohhot Group, said that after the completion of the expansion and transformation of Tanghu Railway, the running interval of 10,000-ton trains has been shortened from the past 30 minutes to 10 minutes, and the coal transportation capacity has been increased by more than 100 million tons annually, and the transportation capacity will be increased from 50 million tons to 150 million tons annually. The daily capacity of 10,000-ton trains has also been increased from 25 to 39 trains. In the past, the share of coal transportation was mainly highway transportation. In 2018, the Ministry of Transport and other departments put forward the policy of "road-to-railway" for the transportation of large quantities of goods such as coal. Subsequently, most of the demand for Mongolian coal transportation was transferred to railway transportation. Railway departments actively organize transport capacity and optimize the operation of freight trains. A series of measures have also reduced the air pollution caused by coal and steam transportation in North China. After the capacity expansion and transformation of Tanghu Railway, the coal direct sea access capacity in Mengxi area has been greatly improved, and many coal production enterprises have also tasted the sweetness from the "public transit rail" policy. According to this year's transport plan, Tanghu Line is expected to complete 100 million tons, according to Li Shiping, an engineer in the freight Department of China Railway Hohhot Group. Next year, we will vigorously develop the traffic volume of Tanghu Railway through various measures such as "public transit rail". It is estimated that the traffic volume of Tanghu Railway will reach 150 million tons next year.