In 2019 China's Coal Production Is Expected To Increase By 5% 04 Apr 2019

3.pngSince 2018, China's coal industry has entered a stage of structural de-capacity, accelerated closed  invalid and low-capacity production coal mines , and further increasing the proportion of advanced production capacity. It is worth noting that Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other regions are rich in coal resources and become the main distribution area for new coal production capacity. In 2018, China's coal industry entered a stage of structural de-capacity, and the production of high-quality capacity accelerated. The coal industry has actively adjusted its structure to promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. According to the relevant analysis of CHINA NATIONAL COAL ASSOCIATION(CNCA), it is expected that China's coal production capacity will be released this year, and the supply capacity of the coal industry will be further enhanced. At present, the total de-production capacity task of the coal industry has been basically completed. The reporter learned from the YiMei Research Institute that since China's coal industry started to de-capacity, the total de-capacity of the first three years has reached 620 million tons, and the current de-capacity has entered the final stage. Last year, China's coal development layout was further optimized, and new coal production capacity was concentrated in the “Three West” region, and the production capacity in Xinjiang also increased significantly.  In 2019, the focus of coal production continued to be concentrated in areas with good resources and strong competitiveness. Recently, the National Energy Administration of China issued a notice to approve five new coal mine projects with a total capacity of 15.3 million tons/year. In 2019, the supply-side structural reform of China's coal industry will shift from total capacity to structural capacity. Recently, the CNCA issued a report stating that with the continuous release of new coal production capacity, coal production will further increase. According to the survey, this year, the company has increased production of coal by about 100 million tons. From 2019 to 2020, coal production is expected to maintain growth. China's coal production is expected to increase by 5% in 2019, reaching 3.7 billion tons .