1. China Coal Industry Transforms to Intelligent Production: Breakthrough Is the Industrial Internet
  2. China Will Promote Demonstration and Application of First Set Major Technological Equipment
  3. A new type of water drilling rig granted as China National Utility Model Patent
  4. The First Fully-Intelligent Concrete Sprayer in China
  5. “Belt and Road” of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group
  6. China Coal Industry Needs to Deeply Cultivating Key Technologies
  7. Shaanxi Coal Group (China) Invests Nearly 1.58 Billion U.S. Dollars Along the “Belt and Road”
  8. World's First Shield-Type Quick Dredging Equipment for Coal Mines (Made in China)
  9. Promote Coal Industry Transformation Through Internet Thinking
  10. World's First 8.8-Meter Super-High-Cutting Fully-Mechanized Mining Intelligent Equipment